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Monday, June 22, 2009

5:39:31 AM

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  Home Security - Fences

Home Security - Fences

Living in a residential area has many great advantages. You have people near you to share in parties, BBQs, and also they can watch out for you and your home. Neighbor kids can mow your yard and shovel when you’re out of town to make it look like you’re home. Neighbors can pick up your mail and newspapers, and even park their car in your driveway to make it appear as though the property is occupied. But no matter how well you like your neighbors, it’s always nice to have privacy and protection.

home security - fencing installing

Installing a fence around part or all of your property can add value to your investment as well as protect you from intruders. However, since a fence in itself is a huge investment, one should do their research to get the best fence for their needs.

home security - fencing first step

Sadly, the first step you must take before you buy any supplies is to contact your local municipality to see what (if any) rules exist for building a fence. Some cities require a permit for any fence while others only need to be involved if it is above a certain height. One local city allows eight feet tall in back yards but only four feet in front yards. Also, if you have a corner lot, you may need to change your plans to make sure you do not hinder traffic’s ability to see on-coming vehicles. Skipping this very important step could cost you a lot of time and money in the long run with having to re-do your fence or in paying fines. Often, the only requirement is getting your neighbor’s signature of approval.

home security - fencing options

If you’re looking for containing pets and keeping people out, the most practical fence would be the traditional chain-link fence. They come in a variety of heights and even patterns. When doing price comparisons, make sure you know the height you need as well as the perimeter you plan to enclose. Chain-link has little to no up-keep costs, but does not provide privacy. This can be beneficial because someone looking to burglarize your home won’t have the protection he needs to enter your home. This fence is usually most cost-effective, though does not give the best curb appeal.

home security - fencing pets

If you’re only concern is keeping pets contained, an invisible fence may be your ideal option. This fence only exists to the animal wearing a transmitter. Therefore, friends and children are free to come and go. An invisible fence works by burying a small wire around the perimeter of your yard where a traditional fence would exist. When the dog gets too close to the barrier, it will receive a corrective shock. These fences run on electricity to be sure to check into a backup battery incase of a power failure.

home security - fencing privacy

Privacy fences are solid, usually made of wood, and prevent people from seeing into your yard and you cannot see out. These are very helpful for yards with pools or spas when you may wish to have additional privacy. Depending on the material you choose these fences require the most up-keep. Wood requires water protection, staining or painting, and eventually will need replacement. There are many alternatives to traditional wood in the market today. Bamboo is becoming popular because it is durable and renewable and metal fences are beautiful. Vinyl (PVC) is also a popular choice because it is durable and allows for a variety of colors.

No matter what fence you chose to go with, do your research to ensure you are getting the product best for your needs.

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