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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

5:12:21 AM

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  Home Security Systems and Life Alert

Home Security Systems and Life Alert

home security system - seniors

My grandparents both recently turned 80 this year. While these two were once strong and proud individuals, time has taken its toll. They live in a home that was designed for elderly living with ramps, wide hallways, and ADA compliant restrooms. We have a sense of security for them because they live in a small town and have a close-knit neighborhood; otherwise I would ask them to install a home security system. Still, I think it is a good idea for them to have a home security system installed with the security monitoring installed.

home security system - elderly

A co-worker of mine also has grandparents of the similar age. However, they live in a major city in a similar elder community. The difference between these two communities is that a group of young men decided that this community looked like a great opportunity for them to break in and steal whatever they want with little struggle. During the light of day, there was a knock on door. Mrs. Jones went to answer it while Mr. Jones sat enjoying his lunch. Two men were at the door and with minor effort pushed her out of the way and let themselves into the home. One went to the garage to open the garage door to give their van easier access. The other forced the couple, by gunpoint, to sit in the living room and tell the man where their valuables were hidden. When all was said and done, the couple were left unharmed, but the jewelry, small electronics, cash, and some antiques were gone. Had they had a home security system installed they may have had an opportunity to activate it when the intruders were attempting to force themselves in the home.

As soon as the family found out what had happened to these helpless people, they immediately took action. They installed two very helpful tools: automatic dialing phones (ADT home security system) and Life Alert.

home security system - automatic phone dialer

The Home security system automatic phone dialer is a button on a phone with speakers which, when programmed, will call 911 with the push of one button, rather than having to pick up the receiver and dial. In the situation above, Mr. Jones could have pressed the button as soon and the men forced themselves into the home. Home security system dispatchers then could have heard all that was going on and sent a squad car out to help. If the call had been disconnected, home security system dispatchers are required to still send help in case of this kind of situation. A phone with this feature isn’t very expensive and are fairly easy to program. 

Life Alert

The second tool is Life Alert. The commercials for Life Alert show a woman who has “fallen and can’t get up.” Life Alert not only monitors for falls, but also for fire and smoke detection, and carbon monoxide. Using either a pendant or watch as a button to automatically call for help, both Mr. Or Mrs. Jones could have called for help in seconds and sent the perpetrators running. This 24 hour surveillance must come at a price, though prices are not available from their website. Contact Life Alert for a quote.

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