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Thursday, July 09, 2009

6:07:11 AM

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  Home Security 101

Home Security 101

I recently became the owner of a great house. It is quirky, but it suits my needs. I never realized how inconvenience it is to have four doors in a house and only having one that is unlockable. The additional doors, adds vulnerability to my home security. When I took possession of the home, I was handed one key that unlocks the front door. That still left the back door to the kitchen/patio, the door to the garage, and the garage door as points of exits, but not entrance. Until a garage door opener is installed, it currently means I must get out of my car, open the front door and walk through the house to the garage and manually open the garage door, then drive in. I am not a lazy person, but this is ridiculous! It would make a lot more sense to just walk around the garage to the small garage door and enter there. But I don't have a key to that door. I can't leave that door unlocked because the door to the house from the garage doesn't lock and that would leave my home unsecured. I am in a pickle...or am I?

home security measures 101

The first step is to apply home security measures 101 and replace all the locks with ones that have a key. There are many ways of doing this depending on how do-it-yourself home security I feel like being. I could call a locksmith and have him come over and replace all the locks with locks that are keyed alike. This way I can use one key to open the entire house. This will also limit the possibility of losing rarely used keys.

DYI Home Security

I could go to my local hardware store and purchase and install the locks myself. Pin kits are also available which will allow me to re-key the entire house allowing me a master key.

home security electronic key system

If I had a bigger house or perhaps I ran an apartment complex, I could install a home security electronic key system. Home security electronic locks can be set up to use a PIN number which can be changed when the tenant changes, or use key cards similar to what hotels today use, or a proximity card like a key fob.

home security keyless biometric lock

Of course, if I want to get REALLY fancy and put a lot of money into my home security, I can install a home security keyless biometric lock. These systems never have to be rekeyed due to loss keys or forgotten PIN number. These locks can hold about twenty to over one hundred different fingerprints and range in price from $200 to over $600. This price is per lock, so a home with multiple doors, the cost will add up.

There are so many options available to today's home owner to keep the home secure and yet still easily accessible when needed. One must weigh price with convenience and decide what is best in each situation.

Home Security - Fire Alarms

My next investment in my home is to add a fire alarm. [Read More - Home Security Fire Alarms]

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