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Friday, April 30, 2010

5:04:28 AM

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  Best Home Security

Best Home Security

Better safe than sorry

When it comes to the important things life, you want the best.  If you are sick, you want the best medical care.  When it comes to your salary, you accept the best offer.  When shopping for clothes you want the outfit that looks best on you.  When it comes to finding a spouse, you want the one that meets your definition of “best”.  When seeking an education you want to attend the best school.  It only seems natural that when you want to secure the safety of your loved ones, you want the best home security.

In today’s technological age, it is easy to market a product to many people.  The internet has made it easy to reach the masses. But not all products are the same.  A wooden stick placed in the tracks of a patio door may be labeled as home security, but it is certainly not the best home security.  A dead bolt lock alone is not the best home security.  I have noticed on television, programs with characters living in dangerous neighborhoods are often portrayed as living in apartments with several locks on the door, yet the apartment may have a fire escape with easy access into the apartment through a window.  

With so many options how can you be sure that you have the best home security?  Knowing that you have the best begins with the reputation of the seller.  Sellers that product good products are respected.  If you want the best home security look for a company that has been in the home security industry long enough to prove that their product is the “best”.  

You also want a home security system that is practical and easy to use.  If the system is too complicated you may not use it.  Having a home security product that you can not use is like having no security system at all.

The best home security does two things; one, it alarms the home occupants that an intruder has entered their private space and two, it also dispenses help.  Both are needed to ensure that you can rest at night knowing that your family is secure.  

An alarm serves two purposes, it awakens the home occupants that something is awry on the property and it also call the home occupants to arise and beware.  Some of the best home security systems provide visuals of the entire home enabling the occupants to locate the source of the breech of security.  A system of this caliber is certainly among the best in home security because it prevents the occupants from incidental or direct contact with an armed and dangerous intruder.

The best home security also alerts law enforcement that there are citizens that need their help.  Police officers cannot patrol every street 24 hours a day but the best home security can direct law enforcement officers to locations that need immediate help.

In an unsteady and unpredictable economy you may have to cut some corners in some areas; however, when it comes to protecting the most valuable people in your life, you need the best.
  Sarah Holmes
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