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Thursday, May 06, 2010

5:08:35 AM

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  Apartment Alarm System

Apartment Alarm System

Apartment Alarm System for Added Security  

Apartment home alarm system is gaining popularity these days because building guards are often unreliable. Many apartment owners have alarm system installed because of this insecurity.   

The vibrancy of the real estate market before the financial collapse had caused the construction of so many new apartment buildings. This surfeit of buildings had often left some apartment projects to be half empty, with only a little over half of the units being sold or presently occupied. This leaves the owners who had bought units in a certain apartment building or even had moved in to feel insecure in their surroundings. This is quite understandable these days when so many people are out of work and might have even turned to petty crimes as a result of their economic predicament. Even those who had rented these apartment units can understandably feel their security may not be that ideal when there are nearby units that are empty, always an open invitation to burglars.  

Besides these low occupancy rates, apartment owners had come to rely less on their building's own security force because constant changes in hiring security agencies had led to so many security lapses. Sometimes, a new security guard detail is not so familiar with the building's occupants during the first few weeks of turnover from the previous guard agency and as a result, some impostors will be able to get in posing as a legitimate apartment tenant. For these reasons, many apartment dweller have resorted to installing an apartment alarm system for their units. This is perhaps an unavoidable part of urban living, when most dwellers have to be off to work during daytime and cannot rely completely on the building's security guards to watch their units all the time. Short of buying a gun for protection, the apartment owners install apartment alarm system such as door alarms, hardwire alarm systems, the new wireless alarm systems or even security video cameras connected to their personal computer or laptop at the office and accessible via the Internet. This extra layer of security provides them peace of mind.    

A decent apartment alarm system will also work as a fire alarm system with a smoke detection capability. It is like hitting two birds with one stone in that most apartment owners, especially in some of the high-rise projects, are also concerned about the dangers of fire breaking out in other units or even originating from their own unit, such as an unattended flat iron or even a defective airconditioning unit. Whatever is the reason, it pays to have an apartment alarm system that provides this added protection. One never knows when a fire can start, it could be from faulty electrical wirings or a stove left burning.

It is not easy to leave a burning apartment building when compared to another simpler structure such as a duplex or a townhouse where height is not a crucial factor. With high-rises, a good apartment alarm system is an absolute must since early warning is crucial for an eventual escape if disaster strikes. For that added layer of security, it is best that your apartment alarm system is connected to a firm's central monitoring system. You can subscribe to this service which costs less than $10 a month and have that elusive peace of mind wherever you may go.  

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