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Sunday, May 09, 2010

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  Wireless Home Alarm Systems - Do I Need One?

Wireless Home Alarm Systems - Do I Need One?

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Many of you might have this question of why should I go for Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems; I’m sure many people would even think it is a waste to spend on home alarm systems when they have fences all over the compound of their house. Let me detail you on what wireless home alarm systems are, their benefits, how to choose one and its working.

Wireless home alarm systems - what are they?

Wireless home alarm systems are a type of home alarm system, which comprises of various components that are connected to each other without using wires. These alarm systems helps in protecting your sweet home from intruders.

Working of wireless home alarm systems

Wireless home alarm systems are made up of various components, which include sensors, central computer, keypads, etc. How does a wireless home alarm system work? Sensors have to be placed at various locations in your home like doors, windows, etc. Central computer is placed in an area that is not generally noticeable from outside and keypads are installed near the entry.

When the sensors detect unusual motion, they send signals to the central computer. This central computer or the control panel immediately sends this message to either a telephone or a mobile or a pager depending on the device you have configured it to send the message. Some wireless alarm systems are set in a way that they automatically make a call to the nearby police station. You may either go for an audible alarm or a silent alarm; majority of the homeowners prefer taking the silent alarm as thieves will not be aware of the home alarm system and therefore, easier to catch the intruders.

Benefits of wireless home alarm systems

1.    As the name suggests, wireless home alarm systems works without wires; this enables you to detach it easily whenever you want. This is extremely useful when you shift your base frequently.
2.    Wireless Home Security System work even if there is no power in the house as they work on batteries.
3.    With a wired home alarm system, there is a possibility of thieves locating the wires and cutting them to disable the home alarm system. This is not possible with wireless home alarm systems and therefore, you are safe 24x7x365.

Choosing a wireless home alarm system

Are you now convinced that a wireless home alarm system is essential for your sweet home? How to buy wireless home alarm systems is the next question that needs to be answered?

1.    Make a list of doors and windows where you wish to place the sensors. Check whether it is possible to add more sensors in the future if the need be.
2.    Wireless home alarm systems are available with varied operating distances. Choose the one that is best suitable for your home. If your home is big, you would require a wireless home alarm system that covers a large operating distance.
3.    If choosing the audible alarm, make sure the minimum decibel is about 100 or 150. This way you can get the attention of your neighbors.

Install wireless home alarm systems to your home and live peacefully.

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