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Thursday, May 27, 2010

4:48:32 AM

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  Burglar Alarm Systems Are Good Deterrents

Burglar Alarm Systems Are Good Deterrents


Burglar alarm systems help protect our homes from intruders by the power of deterrence. Most of the probable burglars will not attempt or even think of entering a home with an alarm system in it.  

Burglaries seem to be on the rise these days due to the difficult economic times. The financial crisis has left a lot of people jobless with no near-term prospects for any decent employment. As result of this situation, many otherwise decent people resort to burglaries to sustain themselves in the short term. This is not to say that burglaries should be condoned but the sad fact is that people often become victims of burglars because they did not take any precautions about their home security. The law calls a burglary as entering a house without permission with the express purpose of committing a crime.

In the context of crimes, the point of burglary is theft, to be able to cart away something of monetary value. In many cases, burglaries occur at night because someone had left his or her house unattended or forgot to turn on the lights, giving the indication it is left unoccupied. Burglars are some of the most intelligent criminals one can find and an unlighted house that gives the impression of being left unattended is only a sure invitation for burglaries. A good Home Security System allows not only alarms to sound off if there are unauthorized entries but also timed to turn on some crucial lights during a certain preset time.

Burglar alarm systems are not very expensive, contrary to what most people think and assume. It means installing burglar alarm systems is within reach of most everyone who feels they are insecure with the current situation in their neighborhoods. One can never tell how safe a local place is and the need to have burglar alarm systems installed has given rise to a revival in the home security industry. A good burglar alarm system can either use infra-red technology to monitor movement when it is turned during the night before you go to sleep or turned on when you go away on a long trip. However, burglar alarm systems work best in conjunction with alarm monitoring systems which hook up your own home system to a private security monitoring company. This way, they will respond quickly to any signs of entry when the alarm sounds in their office. Trained security professionals will take care of the rest.

Most of today's insurance companies look favorably when you have installed any burglar alarm systems at your home or at the office. Remember, the purpose of burglar alarm systems is deterrence as burglary is a crime of opportunity. This means, a burglar will strike when the conditions are ripe for the commission of a crime, such as ease of gaining entry.

Although most burglaries happen at night, there are now many burglaries occurring even in day time when homeowners are usually off to work. If you have not installed burglar alarm systems in your home, perhaps now is the best time when nothing has happened yet. Do not wait to take decisive action before becoming victimized, a mere crime statistic. A good thing to always remember is that prevention (deterrence) is better than solving a crime.

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