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Friday, June 11, 2010

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  Home Security Alarm Systems

Home Security Alarm Systems

Get Peace of Mind – Get Home Security Alarm Systems

Purchasing home security alarm systems go a long way towards obtaining peace of mind. Not only are you protecting the sanctity of that place called “home,” you are also providing for the safety of your household. Trespassers and burglaries have been on a rampant increase these past few years (perhaps owing to the slump in the economy) and there really isn't any excuse not getting a home security alarm system.

Wireless or wired?
There are two kinds of home security alarm systems: the wireless kind and the wired kind. The least expensive and most often used kind is the wired system; however, wired systems are a bit difficult to set up. Furthermore, a house needs to be architected and designed for wired home alarm systems in the first place; either it will be very costly in terms of renovation costs to run the wires through the ceilings and walls, or be content with having the wires run outside, possibly ruining the aesthetics of your house.

Wireless systems are  a bit more expensive than wired systems, but they are a lot easier to set up and they can be installed without much renovation. Wireless systems can also be installed in remote, hard to reach locations without much difficulty. In fact, some wired home alarm systems that can be bought at the local hardware store don't even need to be installed by a professional. The biggest disadvantage of a wireless system however is power supply maintenance. A wireless system almost always operated through battery power, and you need to remember to change the batteries regularly. Home security  systems that are inactive are not much of a deterrent to burglars and trespassers.

Bare bones or full-featured?
Many home alarm systems, in order to differentiate themselves, tend to bundle additional features that can augment, and sometimes complement existing security features. Be aware however that these additional features will add extra maintenance aside from that required for the security system itself. Bare bones home security alarm systems of course have no such problems – you only need to maintain the security system.

One additional feature many home alarm systems add is a smoke detector. Though orthogonal to the main purpose of a security system (that is, deter burglars and trespassers) smoke detectors offer safety against fires and fire hazards.

Another common add-on feature for most wired home alarm security systems is a back up power supply. This becomes really useful in the event of a large-scale power supply failure. Because your whole neighborhood has no electricity, the risk of break-ins are greater. Having a backup power supply means that your security system does not have to be offline during power interruptions.

Not a silver bullet
Remember that home security systems serve only as a deterrent – they will not prevent a stubborn trespasser from violating your privacy, nor a decided burglar from stealing your possessions. Home security alarm systems only add a layer of protection to your already existing security solutions – the most common of which are a properly locked and sturdy doors and windows. When your alarm system does sound off, do not try and catch the burglar yourself. Think safety and immediately call the nearest police office or constable.

Choosing Alarm Systems
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