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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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  Home Security System

Home Security System

Are you concerned about violent crime and how to protect your family? A home security system (alarm based) may be just what you need. These systems can be easy to install or extremely complex. Although the more complex systems should be installed by a professional, there are several good systems on the market.  These kits anyone can install. This tutorial will walk you through the basics of installing a home security alarm system.

How to install a home security system

Choose your kit

There are many kits on the market today. The best thing about do-it-yourself is the ability to pick and choose exactly what components you would like to have. Generally, a home security alarm have wires that must be run in order for each individual unit to function, while other systems are wireless. With either type, you will want to install a battery back-up unit in case of a power failure.  The kit chosen for this tutorial is wireless.

Control  Panel

The control panel is where you control all aspects of the home security system. It needs to be at the right height so you can easily read the information screen and enter the activation and deactivation codes.  This also needs to be near an electrical socket. Wireless alarms still have a few wires.  Drill a hole in the wall behind where the control panel will be placed and run the wires down the wall to just below the plug. You will want to unscrew the electrical outlet cover plate and pull the wires out to attach.

If you are installing a monitored home security system, it will be a little more difficult, as you will need to run the phone line to the control panel, also. You should be able to run the phone wire through the wall, but for simplicity, you can run it along the baseboard and up to the control panel.  It will plug into the back of the unit.

The siren

You will then want to decide where to place the alarm siren. This needs to be near the center of the house so everyone in the house can hear it if it goes off. It will need to be out of the way and not easily seen so a burglar cannot find it but also not where it will be muffled, like in a closet. The alarm siren also needs to be near an electrical outlet so it can be plugged in. You should run the wires through the wall like you did with the control panel so it is not easily disconnected.

Installing the sensors

The sensors in a home security system should come with two pieces each, a magnet and a sensor. These need to be attached to every window and outside leading door.

The transmitter will be attached to the door or window frame, while the magnet will attach to the door or window itself. When the portal is closed these two units should touch.  Some systems also come with motion sensors and broken glass sensors. You will need to place them carefully for best effect.

A Home security system is not difficult to install. A few simple tools and a brain is usually all that is needed.

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