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Friday, June 18, 2010

4:02:16 AM

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  Security Home Alarm

Security Home Alarm

Other Things Your Security Home Alarm System Can Do

Security home alarm systems can do so many other things to protect the lives and properties in the home that many people do not know about. Depending on the make and the model, your home alarm systems can also do the following things for your protection and convenience:

Event Log: If you have an LCD keypad and your system supports this kind of program you can access the records to know: when there was a power failure, when the system was turned on and off, and which code was used to turn it on and off or if a zone or device can be bypassed, aside from the record of when your system alarm was triggered.

Automatic Paging: You can have the system programmed to page you whenever the alarm is tripped or when “special events” happen. Special events can include the arrival of the children from school and power failure.

Chime Feature: Your security home alarm system is programmed to chime when a door is opened. You can also have a program installed to beep when the windows on a child’s room are opened, so that you are alerted for any accidental fall from the window of a child’s room

Duress Code: When you are forced by an intruder to disable you security home alarm system, you can key in a special code that will disarm the system and at the same time send a silent panic signal to the monitoring station.

Lights: A signal from your car or through your cell phone can be used to turn on the interior and exterior lights so that it will be lit up when you arrive. The system can also be programmed to turn on the lights when the alarm is triggered.

Emergency Alert: This security home alert feature is designed for those people who are living alone, the elderly and those with medical problems. The program alerts the central monitoring station when the motion sensors fail to detect any movement within a certain period of time. The central station then calls the attention of a neighbor or a family member to check in on the homeowner.

Audio monitoring: The central monitoring can listen to sounds in your home when the alarm is triggered, through small microphones strategically placed throughout the house. At the same time they can talk to you without the phone through small speakers similarly installed. That way they can alert the authorities about what is going on in your house.
Remote Operation:  This feature allows you to place a call on your security home alarm system from any touch phone to enter a special code. From your location you can check the system or change some of the system’s features.

Many people do not realize that a quality security home alarm system can monitor more than burglary, fire, or floods. Having some knowledge of other possible features of the security alarm system that you can install in your home can give you the advantage of additional protection. You can ask your provider if your system or your proposed system can do those things for you.
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