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Monday, June 21, 2010

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  Home Security:You can't afford to ignore it

Home Security

Every homeowner is concerned about the level of security in their homes and justifiably so. With risks ranging from fires, burglars, skilled thieves and even kidnappers, home security has become an issue that is here to stay. Manufacturers are responding to the increased need for tools to enhance home security quite impressively. Although most areas have security personnel guarding them, it is quite admissible that human-reliant home security can only do so much. As such, gadgets that enhance home security have been in production since the industrial age. First came whistles and bells, then the manual alarm bells and more recently, the market is awash with automatic, often wireless security alarms.

Home Security:You can't afford to ignore it

When considering home security, several factors have to be put into focus. This includes the neighborhood where a home is located, and the home security measures in the specific neighborhood. Such includes safety measures such as police presence or the proximity of a fire station to the home. In addition, one needs to consider practices and habits by family members that may compromise home security.

Homes where everyone leaves for work thus leaving no body indoors may be at an increased risk of burglary than homes where someone stays indoors all day. In the same manner, a person who lives alone and travels frequently may have his home at more home security risk than a person who returns to the house every day after work.  Home security can also differ among homes of different values. It is common reasoning that a valuable home may have more valuable things inside than a cheaper home. This makes the former a greater target for burglars.

Home security can be all-round where every aspect of the protecting the house, the items in it and the people living within it are considered. Alternatively, one can focus his home security features to items that appear at a greater risk of insecurity. People who are at a more risk of burglaries may for example install home security cameras, deadbolt locks or surveillance systems to guard against this. Alternatively, they can purchase a safe to lock all their valuable possessions.

Comprehensive home security consists of three components: outdoor security (fences, gates and lighting), entry ways (doors, windows and locks) and indoor security (electrical and fire safety). In regard to outdoor security, one has to consider how well their homes are fenced or lit in order to keep away intruders. Entryway security considers how well the doors and windows are reinforced to act as a deterrent to any burglar who may want to gain entry into the house. Electrical and fire home security on the other hand considers safety measures put in place to avoid, detect, extinguish fires should they occur. The home security features for such also include help-summoning features that alert the home owner or the fire department of a fire.  

Depending on the risk that a home is exposed to, a homeowner can consider video surveillance, home automation, burglar alarms, automatic sensor lights, safes, or door and window reinforcements. Buying an insurance cover to protect against loss should a perceived risks occur is also a common thing amongst homeowners nowadays.

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