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Monday, July 05, 2010

7:40:22 PM

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  Alarm System

Alarm System

Did you know that in the USA most burglaries take place every 14 seconds, between the hours of 6am and 6pm?

Wireless alarm systems are becoming more popular these days and are much more reliable.  Installing a wireless or hard-wire home security system at your business or house, will ensure the safety and comfort of your business and home.

So you are deciding to install an home alarm system in your office or home, but need some advice on wireless verses hard-wire alarms?

Both wireless and hard-wire alarms can be monitored from an alarm monitoring company, so it all really depends on your alarm type preference, also price can vary on the style of alarm you choose.

There are many types of hardwired and wireless burglar alarms that installers can set up, and both wireless and hardwire alarms, when installed correctly, will prevent your home from being burglarized.

Some wireless alarms can be installed by anyone; others such as hardwire home security systems, which are a bit more complicated, need to be installed by professionals.

Protecting your residence with a monitored home security alarm system that is affordable and reliable will add value to your home and make your family feel safe from intruders.

Many alarm system companies offer a lifetime warranty on all of their equipment and give their customers a generation of dedicated support and award winning security monitoring.

Did you know that the average insurance premium costs about $800, but with a home that has an alarm system, there is a 20% discount offered by home insurance companies.  

A wireless house system is an all-in-one device and the keypad, alarm and control panel are all built-in, whereas the hard-wire burglar burglar system has separate parts that are installed in various parts of the home or office and so this type alarm is more difficult for an intruder to access and disconnect.

If you are building a home, you may want to consider installing a hard-wire alarm system, since it will be there long term and will add value to your home when you are ready to sell it.  Moreover, a hard-wire alarm system is connected to the wiring of the house and does not need to work on batteries.

Wireless home alarms are quick to install and the windows and doors are connected by wireless means, verses the hard-wire alarm which has a centralized control panel and where all the motion detectors and door and window contacts are connected by means of wiring.  With a hard-wire burglar alarm, you also will have less false alarms.

There are several types of alarm systems that exist for businesses such as:

•    Video Surveillance Alarm Systems:
-    These are used in stores to deter shoplifters and employee theft.
-    Security digital recording can reduce liability claims that may be fraudulent.

•    Electronic Alarm Systems:
-    Help manage business access, protect assets that are placed in sensitive areas and increase the safety of employees.
-    Eliminate the cost of making new keys and installing new locks.

Some security system companies come with all types of budgets in mind and offer flexible monitoring services, including two-way and broadband monitoring, and cellular or standard station monitoring over your land-line.

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