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ADT Alarm Monitoring

ADT alarm monitoring for round-the-clock protection

This article explains how ADT alarm monitoring ensures a timely response that can save your property and loved ones.

In a real-time world, people do not need passive alarm systems that shriek out after the crime has been committed. Instead, clients require a security system combined with an all-round service protection that keeps an eagle eye on their assets. ADT alarm monitoring is one such system that has been initiated by ADT Security Systems so as to offer instant protection on a 24/7/365 basis to its clients, however large or small.

Instead of a simple buzzer or a shrill siren that detects an entry by an intruder, the ADT alarm monitoring system combines several sensors that are placed at strategic locations inside a house, office, factory or warehouse that are activated immediately when the system detects a problem. These sensors are in the form of video cameras, theft, fire, flood and carbon monoxide detectors that are all interlinked with the help of the latest in computer and communication hardware equipment. Of course, all this equipment would not be of help if there were no humans to interpret this vast data and make quick decisions to take appropriate action within seconds.

ADT alarm system monitoring

The ADT alarm system monitoring thus monitors all the required parameters of a client’s house and business, depending on the chosen package and the number of sensors involved. The minute the sensors or surveillance cameras detect any abnormality, the ADT alarm monitoring system gets activated and digitally informs the nearest ADT office by providing the details of the problem, be it a burglary or fire or any other problem. The ADT personnel immediately notify the concerned authorities such as the police, hospital or fire services so as to provide help within minutes. In addition, the staff at ADT also calls up family or friends of the client, especially if the client is an elderly person.

While ADT alarm monitoring helps its clients with an instant response to the corresponding situation, it is a boon especially for the elderly and the invalid when combined with the Personal Emergency Response System offered by ADT Security Systems. A timely response can be ensured that could save lives in the nick of time. All that an elderly or invalid client has to do during an emergency such as a fire, flash floods or a medical emergency is to press a single red button that will not only send an alarm to the ADT system but also allow the client to verbally communicate with the ADT personnel who can now better understand the problem and also calm down the affected person.

ADT Security Services also has adequate backup arrangements so as to provide a swift response even if one ADT alarm monitoring center is down and out due to any calamity such as an earthquake, floods, etc. The response is handled by another monitoring center so as to provide seamless emergency services to the client when it is actually needed. The fact is the company has over 130 years of expertise in providing security solutions to millions of clients across the world, and this has helped them to perfect their skills in monitoring and providing a quick response to any emergency.

ADT alarm monitoring services

ADT alarm monitoring services is a perfect amalgamation of technology interfaced with the right human touch so as to provide its clients with an all-year-round protection against a variety of problems. The system detects and informs the ADT personnel within seconds and rapid action is then initiated so as to ensure minimum damage due to floods or a fire as well as to net any perpetrators while they might still be engrossed in theft, arson or causing any other willful damage.

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