Solar Lights

solar-security-lightsThe first line of defense of your National Home Security system includes solar lights.

Our signs are designed to withstand the effects of rain, snow, and sun.

In addition to the basic yard sign, National Home Security now provides solar panel lights that attach to the sign making it clearly visible at night.

This deterrent effectively stops burglaries before they even begin. Show your neighborhood how serious you are about security.

Door/Window Sensors

sensorThese sensors form the building blocks of your home security by protecting the perimeter doors and windows.

Since these sensors are wireless, the installation time and collateral damage to the house are eliminated.

The tamper-proof sensor simply mounts to the frame. The “chime” feature also comes in handy for most parents who want to know when the little ones are running out the door.

Motion Detector

Magnetic-alarm-sensor-for-window-and-doorMotion detectors are an effective way to protect your house when you’re not home. This piece of equipment placed in a high-traffic area of the house can detect motion from an unwanted source and alert the system.

Motion detectors are equipped with a pet-immune system but you should consult with your National Home Security representative to determine the most effective use of the motion detector.

Smoke Detector

Smoke-DetectorThe main focus of the National Home Security smoke detector is to save lives. Although limiting property damage is a secondary effect of the smoke detector, this piece of equipment has saved countless lives from residential fires. As you escape your house, this detector will alert the authorities immediately.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

carbon-monoxide-alarmGrowing awareness and focus has been emphasized on the dangers of carbon monoxide CO.

Because of this dangerous gas that can leak inside the home, National Home Security has incorporated this protection into its security coverage. This piece of equipment can detect the gas well before it becomes a danger.

Glass Break SensorGlass-Break-Sensor

Glass Breaks provide security in situations where a motion detector wouldn’t be an option.

Glass Break sensors detect the breaking of glass and therefore work well in homes with large dogs and areas with multiple windows.

Key Fob

home-security-key-fobThe key fob works exactly the same way as the keyless entry to your car.

This item provides more convenience for you by allowing them to arm or disarm the system with the push of a button from outside the home. Nothing can be easier.

These remotes can work up to 100 ft. away from the house and can also be programmed with an emergency panic button.

Medical Pendant

medical-key-fobFor those owners with medical needs, National Home Security provides a medical pendant that will immediately notify a medical authority to dispatch an ambulance. This pendant provides peace of mind to those older parents who may live at home alone and to their children who want them to have the best medical attention when an accident occurs. The pendant can be worn either as a necklace or a watch and is activated by pressing and holding the button down for three seconds.

Control Panel

security-control-panelA control panel brings together innovative technology and the easy-to-use idea most people covet.

The panel also is equipped with a backup battery, single button arming options, chime aspect, and other features to increase security and eliminate headaches.

The control panel comes with a clear easy to read LCD screen with remote control options.