8 Alternative Locations For Home Security Sensors


When setting up a home security system, most people go straight for the doors and windows. There is nothing wrong with this and, after all, these are the main access points to the house and should prove to be the first locations for security sensors. This does not mean doors and windows should be the only locations for home security sensors though. Each home has a different configuration and setup, so not all sensor locations are beneficial for each home, but understanding different options should prove especially helpful for any homeowner or renter looking to improve upon their security.

Gun Cabinets

If you own firearms, you need to make sure it is protected. While a gun cabinet is a start, you need to know when someone attempts to even access it. You might have a child trying to open up the gun cabinet, or even use a spare key to open up the lock. Guns inside the home are more likely to kill a family member than an intruder, often due to this very problem. So, having a security sensor here is a valuable option.

Home Theater

The home theater is where the most valuable electronics in the house are. These electronics are also some of the easiest to remove and steal. Gone are the days of 600-pound big-screen televisions impossible to burgle. Now, 80-inch flat screens weigh next to nothing, yet might cost a pretty penny. A wireless sensor placed around the doorway entering your home theater can provide you with information as to when someone enters the room. A home security system is designed to protect your home and your loved ones. However, you can also use it to make sure younger children are not accessing the entertainment room if they have homework and chores to complete first.

Alcohol Cabinet

As children age, they are going to look towards more adult activities. Drinking and consuming alcohol is one of these activities. To know if your child is attempting to access the liquor cabinet, placing a home security sensor here can assist with identifying a problem. Of course, if someone should enter your house, you also want to know if they are making off with an expensive bottle of scotch or that bottle of wine you received as a wedding gift.

Tools and Trailers

Tools are expensive. The tools are also often a lifetime of collecting tools needed for a job as you go. While someone likely is not going to break in to steal the 3/8 socket wrench, they might break in to steal the saws, electrical equipment, tool chest, and other expensive working hardware. Some of the most expensive and valuable items in and around your house can be found in your garage, so protecting your garage with the help of a security sensor should prove helpful.



Do you have a secret stash somewhere? Maybe you have a rainy day fund you don’t have in the bank or a small safe hidden away holding some gold coins or other valuables. This is not something you openly advertise and you often hide away. That doesn’t mean people don’t know about it. You probably don’t want your child taking the gold coins to school or trying out the loose diamonds and dropping them down the air intake vent. Protect your valuables with a security sensor.

Medicine Cabinet

Like the alcohol cabinet, the medicine cabinet needs to be protected. Not only can a prescription drug addiction cause problems early on, but you may find yourself in legal trouble if a child is caught selling your medication.

Seasonal Gear

These are your expensive toys. Bikes, jet skis, kayaks, or really anything else you might not use for certain parts of the year. Because you don’t use them often you might not realize when it is gone for days, if not longer. so, protect your seasonal gear with a home security sensor.