Can My Home Security Systems Be Hacked?


Most of us have turned to digital home security systems to protect our homes. They provide peace of mind; a feeling that we are less likely to be attacked or stolen from.

However, did you know that even the most advanced home security systems are hackable? Yes, several surveillance systems are vulnerable to hacks. Hackers can use very simple tools to use their own security systems against you. For instance, an intruder can simply tamper with your door alarm while standing right in front of it.

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your home security system as strong as possible against potential hackers. Unfortunately, many people are slightly careless as they don’t realize how easy it can be for a hacker to gain access to their system. Here are a few tips to help prevent your security from being compromised:

Avoid the use of public WiFi

Always use a secure network for your home security systems. This is especially if you are trying to access the systems from a remote location. Sometimes all it takes for a hacker to easily access your personal information is an open WiFi. Once they have such data, getting into your security system will be much easier.

Use strong passwords

Always secure your home security systems with strong passwords. You can use a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters. Some attackers are so good at decrypting passwords; weak passwords will just make their work easier. Also, ensure to change the default password immediately after you install the surveillance system.

Go for a wired security system

Be it wired or wireless, no home security system is entirely safe. However, wired systems are less vulnerable to attack because they are less exposed to burglars. Information in these systems cannot be accessed remotely due to a closed transmission circuit. On the other hand, wireless surveillance largely relies on radio waves, and this makes them more vulnerable to tech-savvy intruders.


Choose a system with a high-security intrusion alarm

When installing your home security systems, try to implement some security strategies that will make the systems more sensitive and alert to intrusion. This goes for wireless systems especially. For instance, they can have encrypted communication with a central station that monitors the alarm. You can also implement numerous communication paths to monitor signal transmission. Also, put tamper detection on different elements of the systems.

Have an antivirus software

Since you will be dealing with computers to access your various security systems, ensure to install some antivirus programs. These will help detect and eliminate any signs of malware and viruses. A corrupted system will not only be less effective; it might also suffer serious attacks from hackers.

Keep the systems updated

Regular updates will add new features and improvements. They will also enhance performance and fight any new threats. Therefore, always keep your security software updated to reduce hacking.

Change your security logins

Always change the passwords to your home security systems. You can never tell who already knows your current password. If an attacker is planning on hacking, changing the passwords will cancel their mission.

In Summary

Observing these seven tips can significantly reduce the chances of your home security system being hacked.