The Best Places To Hide Your Home Security Cameras


In this day and age, home security is a top priority for many homeowners. While traditional security systems can be expensive and intrusive, there are more affordable and discrete options available these days. One of the best ways to secure your home without drawing attention to it is to install a hidden security camera. In this blog post, we’ll explore some clever places to hide your security camera so that it’s out of sight but still able to keep an eye on your property.

Where To Place Your Home Security Cameras

Having home security cameras is one thing; placing them in the correct places is another. The essence of having these security appliances in your home is so that you can secretly detect intruders. They are not supposed to be known by anyone else other than yourself and the inhabitants of your household. Consider the following strategic options for your home:

The front door

Your front door should be one of the first places to install a security camera. It is the main access point to your home and acts as a digital peephole; you can see who is knocking at the door and decide whether or not to let them in. Because of this, let the public know of its presence at this spot. It will act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

One option will be to place the camera above the door or window frame, facing downward. Let it cover a few feet in front of the opening. The second option is to put the camera inside, on the window seal, so that it can view the yard in front of the window.

The backdoor

You probably have a backdoor in your home, so arm it also with a security camera. Night-time burglars will always opt for this door to decrease their chances of being detected. Therefore, hide the camera as much as you can, but let it cover a reasonable perimeter of the backyard. If a criminal detects the camera, they will most definitely tamper with it to destroy evidence. So, keep it out of reach.

An artificial plant

hidden-security-cameraWhen installing security cameras inside the house, you can opt for a bit of creativity.

For instance, using an artificial plant such as a potted shrub or a flower vase is creative. Place a fitting camera inside one of these and no one will easily notice. To the normal eye, it will be just another home decoration.

The garage

In most homes and especially those with large families, the garage does not only harbor cars. A lot of extra property and spare parts can be stuffed in there. That is why it is also essential to install one of your cameras in that area. Place it on the inside to view any intruder who will be aiming for your vehicle, bike, or other valuable property.

Side gate and backyard

Covering the outside of your house is important as well. Have a security camera in the backyard, or somewhere where you can have a view of your compound’s gate. If your gate is one that requires authorization before one can enter, you will want to know who is requesting access.

The staircase

Installing cameras along the stairways inside and outside your house can provide you with alternative views of the entire property. Any intruder that uses the stairs will be easily recognized because they will be slowed down.

There might be a few other great locations but these six are by far your best options.