Why Choose National Home Security

Wireless – Vision uses wireless equipment to cut down on installation time, avoid making unsightly holes in the walls, and eliminate the need for running wires through your house. The new wireless devices run off a lithium battery which will last years instead of months.

Insurance Discount – Insurance companies know the benefits of installing an alarm system in the home. They know that the chances of you having a break-in or fire drop dramatically. Therefore they freely offer a discount on your homeowner’s insurance once the system is installed.

Free Move – Since we know that a majority of people move at various times in life, Vision has instilled a “free move” with the installation of your security system. If you move after having the security system in your house for a year, Vision will install a new security system into your next home free of charge.

Professional Service – We know that without the customer, the company (Vision) wouldn’t exist. We make it our top priority to take care of our customers. This includes resolving any technical issues with the system, solving any billing questions, and providing answers to common concerns.

Sales Reps – Our reps are very courteous and knowledgeable. They are there to help you understand the importance of the system and how to use it. They have answered hundreds of questions from concerned owners just like you so don’t hesitate to voice your own concerns. Chances are, they’ve heard the same concern before and would love to help you out.

Technicians – Our technicians know how the equipment works, how to program it, and the most effective place to set the different protective devices for your home. These techs run through in-depth training where they learn about products in both a written and hands-on type of training.